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Some designs stand out from the crowd with their loud colors and flashy finishings, but this contemporary abode takes a different approach. Designer and visualizer, Tolko Interiors, did an amazing job creating a unique apartment that is both elegant and stylish. This 140 sqm. home located in Moscow, Russia is encapsulated by neutrals and adorned […]

12/12/2018 8:15:34 AM

If your head is often in the clouds and beyond, then you can relate to the invention of this iconic chandelier. After the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957, everyone’s imagination was engulfed in space travel, especially the design world. Thus, birthed the Sputnik chandelier, an introduction of the Atomic Age into home […]

12/11/2018 8:15:48 AM

A chic picture is painted over a dark canvas in this home interior, visualised by Dezest. Warm neutrals and rich natural materials are the palette that softens the bold shadowy background, and add a tactile welcoming feel. The apartment is filled with the soft forms of fashionable furniture by brands such as Living Divani, Lago […]

12/10/2018 8:15:46 AM

What better way to keep you books in place than by pure Yoda magic? Get it on Amazon. Also Recommended:  50 Unique Bookends For Book Lovers The Ultimate Star Wars Home Decor Mega-List

12/9/2018 8:15:09 AM

If you are lover of all things bright and colourful then these two vibrant home tours are sure to light you up. Warm colour can evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy in a person. Pattern brings a form of art onto the walls of our own homes, to our floors and furniture. Take a […]

12/7/2018 8:15:48 AM

We focus on meal times during annual special festivities and personal anniversaries, but sitting down to break bread together is something that should always carry a sense of ceremony. Enjoying this daily activity with the added shine of a luxury dining room design means that every day can feel like a special occasion – without […]

12/6/2018 8:15:24 AM

If you’ve been following Home Designing for awhile, you may be familiar with our favorite products of 2018. We wanted to make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, so we’ve rounded up all our favorites in one place. We’ve even included a few fresh finds that tickled our fancy as of late. Still […]

12/5/2018 8:15:34 AM

Many of us live in more compact sized apartments because of financial restrictions, for easy maintenance, for proximity to work/family, or all three. Despite the conveniences, these kind of living quarters can often lead to a feeling of being boxed in or experiencing clutter overwhelm. Even decor itself can at times feel like it is […]

12/4/2018 8:15:13 AM

Long term followers of Home Designing may know we have been covering home and interiors for more than a decade. Just to give some perspective, when the first post of Home Designing went live, there was no Pinterest, Instagram, or Google Chrome. Serving inspiration to people – be it ideas to decorate your home or […]

12/3/2018 8:15:30 AM

Check out these gorgeous mid-century modern themed planters from Amazon’s own homegrown brand Rivet. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  32 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That Are Also Easy To Maintain

12/2/2018 8:15:26 AM