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Presenting two modern white, grey and wood interiors, each with wonderfully welcoming vibes that make you want to wander right in and stay a while. These are homes with simple comforts in mind. Colour is calming, furniture is minimal. There is nothing overcomplicated to distract the eye and exhaust the mind yet there is a […]

5/22/2020 9:45:57 AM

The engineering team put 300 days of difficult trials into the construction process of this imaginative space, designed by SOAR Design Studio. The team worked with the owners of the property to complete a house with a unique flair. The piece went on to win the 2019 Japan Good Design Award, operated by the Japan […]

5/21/2020 9:45:15 AM

Blue accents seem to transcend trends in decor. These two modern homes have been accented with blue hues on the brighter side of the spectrum to pick up the pace on white and pale grey neutrals. The energised blue accents shape chic yet edgy living rooms, accented with quirky art and unusual furniture pieces. We […]

5/20/2020 9:45:27 AM

Looking for a simple and affordable addition to your home that has a big impact? An area rug may be just what you need. A rug is the perfect accessory not just to keep your feet off the cold floor, but also to add a layer of visual warmth and texture to your interior design. […]

5/19/2020 9:45:23 AM

If a white theme is your interior design dream, then these four peaceful white homes are going to whisper to your heart. This collection includes a multitude of home sizes and styles too. We have a super modern apartment with beautiful textured wall panels, misty grey accents and a stunning master suite. There is a […]

5/18/2020 9:45:29 AM

Kick your brewing game up another notch with the beautiful Fellow Stag EKG+ kettle. Besides its good looks, it has a precision pour sprout, variable temperature control, a brew stopwatch and even bluetooth app control. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  40 Unique Teapots to Help You Savour The Taste Of Tea 50 Cool And […]

5/17/2020 9:45:53 AM

Palm trees whisper in the breeze on this hillside home in Los Angeles, designed by architect firm SAOTA. The luxury residence is located immediately above Sunset Boulevard, situated on a promontory close to Pierre Koenig’s landmark Stahl House. The Stahl House served as a jumping off point for the form and articulation of Hillside’s roof […]

5/15/2020 9:45:40 AM

These ultra modern, cool and comfy work places don’t just show us all the places we wished we worked, they provide bags of vibrant inspiration to implement in our very own homes! We’re going to take a tour through vibrant sitting rooms, open plan layouts, colourful decor palettes, modern furniture arrangements, cool lighting solutions, and […]

5/14/2020 9:45:50 AM

There is something so very magnetic about a window seat. The minute we see that sun trap, bathed in beautiful natural light, we just can’t wait to plant ourselves up against the glass. Proximity to the outside world makes us feel connected, without putting a foot outside the comfort of home. Upper floor window seats […]

5/13/2020 9:45:22 AM

If you feel like you’re in a design rut, you crave a practical statement piece, or you want to add a touch of elegance to your space, a curved sofa may be just what the interior designer ordered. A curved sofa is the perfect piece to add an unexpected element to a home or office […]

5/12/2020 9:45:44 AM