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Black and white decor elements shape the large spaces inside these two luxury home designs. Minimalist interior layouts meet luxe materials and textures to build schemes that are both captivating and inspiring. Designer lighting and furniture pieces cultivate high-end looks, whilst clean lines and lack of accessories keep arrangements sophisticated and straight to the point. […]

The post Luxury Home Interiors Set In Black And White Decor first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/25/2020 9:45:00 AM

Muted color sends warm vibrations through this 79 square metre modern interior project in Moscow, designed by Bureau Slovo. Shades of autumnal brown, apricot and forest green become earthy companions throughout each room of the home, including a stylish kid’s room where they mingle with cheerful yellow interludes. This is a cozy minimalist scheme. Furniture […]

The post Cozy Minimalist Interior With A Muted Earthy Colour Palette first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/24/2020 9:45:00 AM

Serenely stylish in clean white and smooth wood decor, these four expertly designed homes provide tranquil interiors inspiration. Although the colour palette suggests stylistic similarities, this set of elegant interiors are each very different. Home number one takes us through a large and long open plan living space set with many subtle patterns and sculptural […]

The post Serenely Stylish White And Wood Interiors first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/23/2020 9:45:44 AM

While some people do prefer a sofa, an armchair remains one of the most important functional pieces of interior. This multitasker has to be chosen with a lot of purposes in mind. Is it meant to be just a pretty accent? Then it has to look spectacular. Should it host you throughout many hours in […]

The post 51 Armchairs That Add Effortless Comfort To Your Living first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/22/2020 9:45:38 AM

A kid’s bedroom is their domain to play, create, study and relax. It’s a do-it-all space for the youngest members of the household, so it’s only right that these spaces demand perhaps the biggest creative input when it comes to decorating. Kids will likely have quite a few ideas of their own when it comes […]

The post 51 Modern Kid's Room Ideas With Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/21/2020 9:45:00 AM

If you love acquiring beautiful design objects, this elegant porcelain teapot would be a worthy addition to your collection. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  40 Unique Teapots to Help You Savour The Taste Of Tea

The post Product Of The Week: A Minimalist Teapot That Oozes Zen first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/20/2020 9:45:00 AM

Simple colour infusions uplift the reposeful grey and white bases of these two homes, each measuring under 60 square metres. The one bed apartment layouts are thoughtfully arranged to overcome space limitations, and build stylish solutions that feel crisp and cool. Blue is our common theme that links the aesthetic of the pair, though home […]

The post Interiors Under 60 Sqm With Simple Colour Infusions first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/18/2020 9:45:00 AM

Horizontal colour blocking unifies a space, wrapping the walls together like a ribbon around a gift. These five modern home interior concepts illustrate how half painted walls give a cosy colourful aesthetic to any lounge and dining room. We’ll also be taking some full house tours to see how the established colour blocking palettes translate […]

The post Unifying Home Interiors With Horizontal Colour Blocking first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/17/2020 9:45:00 AM

Oceanside and oh-so spectacular, these three luxury apartments are made to wow. Whilst the uninterrupted waterside views are blue, sparkling and stunning, amazingly they are not the stars of the show. These huge homes are set with designer furniture, beautiful lighting, high-end decor finishes and seamless concepts that guide the eye in awe. Luxury living […]

The post Luxury Living By The Ocean first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/16/2020 9:45:59 AM

Oversized chairs are perfect for lounging with a good read, binging your favorite TV shows, or sprawling out after a hard day. Plus, contrary to popular belief, oversized chairs aren’t just for those that have a lot of space to spare. There are also folding versions for those who are embracing apartment or compact living—and […]

The post 51 Oversized Chairs That Make The Case For Bigger Is Better first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

9/15/2020 9:45:28 AM